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No Guilt Mom

May 6, 2021

Sometimes as a parent you just have to laugh. I mean, no one ever wants to believe that there will be a day where they are trying to figure out if that's poop or chocolate on their shirt! But that’s a hard mom humor truth!  And it’s why all moms need to laugh! 

And boy will we have you rolling after this episode...


In this episode, we chat with Amy Wilson and Margaret Ables who are the co-hosts of “What Fresh Hell” podcast. They’re two moms with tons of experience in comedy. Amy wrote a bestselling parenting book, toured the country with a one-woman show called Mother Load, and was a series regular on several sitcoms (like Felicity). Margaret started out in standup, wrote for PBS Kids and MTV, and became a senior writer for Nickelodeon’s “Nick Mom.” Along the way, they also each became mothers of three children, now aged 8 to 18. 


Amy and Margaret share with us their comedic view on motherhood and their advice for moms struggling to get through the nitty-gritty days in motherhood. has to do with the long game and laughter!


Find all the resources we shared in this episode here: